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Sunday, November 28, 2010

December Newsletter

News from Enchanted Beads

It's been a while since I last sent out my Newsletter. After returning from my vacation to Europe I was busy re-organizing my Shops, especially the one on Artfire

Also, my 1000Markets shops was moved to Bonanza:


I participated in all Etsy Beadweavers Challenges and in May I was a winner with my Bee necklace:
May Challenge Winner-Embedded Colors in the World of Insects

My two Etsy shops are still there and I would like to let you know that
I am participating in the Cyber Monday event, so you can buy my pieces with some % off. Enchanted Bitz carries whimsical jewelry with gemstones, crystals, pearls. Romantic, retro, nature inspired. I am also introducing a few vintage pieces, steampunk, and some destash supplies. You can find all the categories in the Sections to the left of the page. To shop by color or by other criteria you can use the search bar at the top of the page.

Enchanted Beads carries only beadwoven pieces: Victorian revival, romantic, retro, with gemstones, pearls, and tiny beads. You can find there some Holidays Treasures for yourself or to give it as a gift. Brooches:



A ring:

If you live in New York or New Jersey area you can visit with me at the
th Annual Crafts at the Cathedral
Synod Hall, 1047 Amsterdam Ave. at 112th St. New York City, NY

You can download your discounted invitation here (if you did not get one from me yet)


You can find me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ileana.munteanu and follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/enchantedbeads
Thank you for taking the time to read my NEWS. I appreciate your support!
Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!

Ileana/Enchanted Beads


http://www.artfire.com/users/enchantedbeads http://www.bonanza.com/booths/enchantedbeads


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Saturday, October 16, 2010


I am participating in this great BLOG Event: Great Finds. Today I am sponsoring the event. I chose 18 artists and they are competing among themselves.

Check this wonderful event and vote for your favorite:

Watch the video on YouTube:

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Visit my Crafty.ro Studio


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Featured Artfire Shop: Kim Brinsfield, VaBeachQuilter

A while ago I discovered a great Artfire Guild, Shops With Less Than (10) Sales.

VaBeachQuilter is the guildmaster for this wonderful guild. She takes care of each member, by promoting their work and providing great advise.

I am amazed by Kim's variety of items in her shop, there is a large selection, something for everyone! There are many different categories in her shop. You can use her shop "search" bar if you look for some specific item.

Kim has very reasonable prices and FREE shipping on everything in her shop! So easy to buy there! Kim also takes custom orders. Just contact her if you have something in mind about a certain fabric or design. A layaway plan is available as well.

Follow Kim's blog, Facebook fan page, and on Twitter to be among the first to know about upcoming sales, promotions, and new listings.

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Collection

Visit my Artfire Studio!


Friday, August 06, 2010

Etsy Interview with Enchanted Beads

I had a lucky day today. I found my work in several treasuries and I found out that my Interview was published here:

Etsy Interview with Enchanted Beads - Associated Content ...
A look inside a lovely Etsy shop full of lovely beadwork.

Your comments in the Associated...Blog
would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Interview with a Beadweaver: Mortira Natasha vanPelt

Last year in June I started a series of Interviews with Etsy Beadweavers. The first interview was with Cindy Caraway (June 9).


I would like to continue this tradition in my Blog.

I asked Mortira Natasha vanPelt /Sagescupboard
to answer a few questions about herself and her work and here is the Interview.

Thank you, Mortira!

Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up on the Canadian prairies, and moved to the West Coast 15 years ago. It took about 12 years to realize that I really like it here, and stopped wondering when I would ever get back ‘home’. Vancouver Island has a really great art culture, and I’m inspired by all of the amazing natural beauty around me.

I share my creative space with my husband and our wonderful son. It’s so strange to imagine my life before he was a part of it. I can’t think of anything I’d rather be than his mom.

When and why did you begin designing jewelry? How were you first inspired to begin designing jewelry?

When I was growing up, I was exposed to a lot of different arts and crafts. My mother taught me how to do bead embroidery, and when she had moved on to other projects, I was lucky enough to inherit her entire stash of Czech seed beads. Ever since then I’ve had an off-and-on obsession with beads.

I didn’t discover off-loom beadwork until 2005. I had purchased a multi-strand necklace kit on clearance, just to get the beads out of it, and soon found myself wanting to turn my entire collection into necklaces. A few days later, I picked up a beading calendar, and started buying beading magazines. I was creating like crazy, and I’ve never looked back.

What materials and methods do you use?

I’m pretty picky about my materials and techniques. Apart from the occasional silver-lined seed bead, I never use metals, so I’ve never even tried stringing. I’ve been gemstone free for a few years now, and I’m very opposed to using threatened species like red coral in my work. I’m actually thinking of going completely vegan - as soon as I’ve used up all of my shell beads, of course.

My favorite techniques are those that use mostly seed beads, and are easy to adapt. I love right angle weave, and I’m always looking for ways to make spiral rope look beautiful. I never go very long without using herringbone weave - with all of it’s variations, it works with just about any type of jewelry you can think of.

Where do your design inspirations come from? What fuels your creative energy?

Like many beaders, I take a lot of inspiration from nature. I particularly like working with floral or aquatic themes. They translate so easily just by using certain colors or shapes. The most valuable inspiration tool I have is my blog. I would have run out of ideas long ago if I wasn’t always looking for ways to share inspiration with other designers.

What is your best working environment/where is your studio? While you are working, is there any type of music that inspires your creativity?

My creative space is a special little corner of our living room. I often dream of living in a big house with my own studio, but I’m not sure that I’d like it. I prefer to work where I can still be in the middle of everything, and interacting with my family. It also helps me stay organized, because I always have to make time to pack up projects and put materials away in my craft cupboard.

When it’s quiet, I love listening to audio books while I’m working. It’s ten times more entertaining than watching a movie, and I never have to look up from my work to see what’s going on. I like being able to catch up on my reading without sacrificing time with my family or my hobby.

How did you learn your skills? Is it from books or are you a self taught artist?

Just about everything I’ve learned about beadwork came from a book or a magazine. I have a pretty good collection of Bead & Button and Beadwork that I still go back to once in awhile for stitch help. I’m slowly working my way through all of the beading books at the library. Each one has something different to offer, even the ones for beginners. Right now I’m reading “Getting Started with Seed Beads” by Dustin Wedekind. It’s an excellent resource.

Great worldwide artists/mentors

I always appreciate thoughts and advice from other beaders like Beverly Ash Gilbert and Margie Deeb. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that there are other people out there who take beads as seriously as you do. Just visiting their blogs is a great way to find inspiration - all that color is contagious!

How many hours a day/a week are spent with your jewelry? With one piece?

I always spend at least one hour doing beadwork every afternoon. If I’m lucky, I’ll get an hour or two more in the evening. I’m still longing for the day when my son will sit at the table with some crayons and tell me about his day while I work. Right now he won’t color unless I draw the pictures for him!

My designs don’t usually take more than 10 days to complete. Although, the bigger the project is, the more effort I put in to finding time to bead.

Where can your products be seen?

I’m selling almost exclusively on Etsy right now. Most of my designs can also be seen on my blog, along with a lot of pieces that never make it into the shop.


Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations (picture, please).

One of my favorite pieces ever is my Tide Pool scarf lariat. I had this image in my head of a necklace captured straight from the beach. It’s one of the few designs that turned out exactly like I imagined it. It was also the start of my obsession with beaded starfish, which have brought me a lot of joy and helped my beadwork to stand out.


Anything else you wish to add?

I always like to encourage everyone to give beadweaving a try. Some people say “I don’t have the patience” or “I’m not creative enough”. The trouble is, we look at amazing, elaborate beadwork and get intimidated. We can’t all create like Laura McCabe overnight!

If you start small and work with materials that you love, you might discover what all beadweavers already know: There is nothing more relaxing than stitching together a beaded treasure.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Instead of April Newsletter

Dear Friends,
After returning from my Vacation (in Europe) I was very busy catching up with everything. I did not sent out my April Newsletter.
Today, just a short Note to let you know about some good news:
1. I am participating in the May Etsy Beadweavers Challenge and I am in the lead!
The poll for Etsy Beadweavers May Challenge is still up, waiting for your vote.
My entry is a Necklace, # 19, "Bee my Honey"
Please take a look through all the beautiful entries and place a vote for your favorite.
* * *
2. My Friend Lea, a Lampwork artist and jewelry Designer published my Interview in her lovely Blog. Please take a look:
Thank you,

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Vacation in Paris

I am back from my vacation! It was fantastic! I would like to share a few details with you...

I left on March 25 for Paris. I flew with Continental Airline and arrived in Paris the next morning. I only slept 3 hours but I was not tired, the excitement took over...
My friend and her husband were waiting in the Charles de Gaulle Airport. Meeting them after so many years was charming! We drove to their house residing in one of the prettiest towns in the Paris suburbs, had lunch and left for the Salon des Vins for the wine tasting, this time by subway.

My friend is a wine "connoisseur". She enjoys tasting wine and finding the best varieties for her home. We went through the whole ritual of spitting after you rinse it in your mouth/palate. There is no shame in using the spit pitcher because you don't want to drink too much and you want to to be able to go to the next vendor and do the same. In between tasting I was able to visit an other section, one of my favorites, in order to buy the authentic "foie gras", the "oie" and the "canard" delicious liver.

The next day was dedicated to visiting some historic and romantic places in the "city of lights". I have been to Paris before, many, many years ago, with my husband, Aurel. We were able to stay longer at that time and visit all the important monuments, boulevards, museums, parks, buildings that any tourist would want to visit. This time I only had one day and I trusted my friend to take me in places that we would both enjoy.

And voila:

We first stopped at the
Palais RoyalMusée du Louvre (Paris Métro) - Wikipedia, the free ...
in order to visit L'Eglise Saint-Roch, famous for the tombs of important French personalities

Église Saint-Roch (Paris) - Wikipédia- [ Translate this page ]

Eglise Saint-Roch- Translate

We were mostly interested by the tomb of Pierre Corneille, the name of this 17-th Century playwright (Le Cid, Cinna, Polyeucte, Horace). It brought up many memories of our freshmen year at the University of Cluj, Romania.

For lunch my friend invited me at Cafe Verlet where we had a "tarte salée" and the best cup of coffee.

Rue Saint-Honoré - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

156 Rue St Honoré, 75001 Paris

Cafés Verlet Paris,Torréfacteur,Spécialiste des grands arabicas

- [ Translate this page ]

Café Verlet (1er), Paris | Ambrosia Quest

In the direction of Place de la Concorde,

Place de la Concorde, Paris

we made a stop at Jean-Paul Hévin, in order to buy some chocolat. I bought a box of chocolate macaroons for my grand-daughter and my friend ordered a cake for Easter.

We took the Metro at Tuileries and we stopped at Saint-Sulpice.


Jardin des Tuileries, Paris

Saint-Sulpice (Paris Métro) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

in order to visit rue Bonaparte. We visited boutique Ventilo, to admire some elegant Women Appareil, (my friend is their customer) et un other famous chocolatier, Pierre Hermé. We bought more macarons with different flavors (jasmin, caramel). We continued towards Rue de Rennes, to visit one of the exquisite Kenzo stores.

We took the bus to Panthéon in order to visit Rue Mouffetard, one of Paris's oldest and liveliest neighborhoods.

Panthéon, Paris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

to be continued...


FRENCH Version

Je suis de retour de mes vacances. Elles ont été formidables. Je voudrais partager quelques détails avec vous… Je suis partie le 25 mars pour Paris. J'ai volé avec la ligne aérienne "Continental" et je suis arrivée à Paris le lendemain matin. Je n' ai dormi que trois heures mais je n'étais pas fatiguée, l'émotion a succédé… Mon amie et son mari m'attendaient dans l'aéroport Charles de Gaulle. Les rencontrer après tant d'années fut tellement touchant! On est allé en voiture chez eux, à leur jolie maison, dans une petite ville près de Paris, où l'on a pris le déjeuner.

L'après - midi mon amie et moi nous sommes parties par le métro pour le Salon des Vins. Mon amie s'y connaît. Elle est toujours invitée et elle visite de fameux producteurs des diverses régions de la France. On lui présente des échantillons de vins et elle peut trouver ainsi les meilleures variétés pour sa maison. Nous avons suivi tout un rituel de dégustation accompagnée par le crachement, pour pouvoir aller de fournisseur en fournisseur et faire la même chose sans être en danger de trop boire. Dans le même endroit j'ai eu aussi l'occasion de visiter les producteurs de foie gras et j'ai acheté l'authentique, le délicieux, le fameux foie d'oie et de canard, spécifique à la France.

Le jour suivant a été consacré à visiter quelques endroits historiques et romantiques de la "ville des lumières". J'ai été à Paris auparavant, il y a de nombreuses années, avec mon mari, Aurel. Nous avons pu rester plus longtemps à ce moment-là et visiter tous les monuments importants, les musées, les bâtiments. On s'est promené alors le long des boulevards et dans les parcs, suivant un trajet touristique. Cette fois-ci j'ai seulement eu un jour pour visiter Paris et j'ai fait confiance à mon amie pour me conduire dans les endroits que nous apprécierions toutes les deux.

Nous avons de nouveau pris le Métro pour nous arrêter au Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre afin de visiter L' Eglise Saint-Roch, célèbre pour les tombeaux des personnalités françaises importantes. Nous avons été surtout intéressées par le tombeau de Pierre Corneille, ce dramaturge de XVII-ème siècle (Le Cid, Cinna, Polyeucte, Horace). Cette visite a évoqué beaucoup de souvenirs de notre première année comme étudiantes à l'université de Cluj, Roumanie.

Palais RoyalMusée du Louvre (Paris Métro) - Wikipedia, the free ...
Église Saint-Roch (Paris) - Wikipédia

Eglise Saint-Roch

Pour le déjeuner mon amie m'a invitée au café Verlet où nous avons eu une "tarte salée" et la meilleure tasse de café de Paris.

Rue Saint-Honoré - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia156 Rue St Honoré, 75001 Paris

Cafés Verlet Paris,Torréfacteur,Spécialiste des grands arabicas

à suivre...

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Vacation

click to enlarge

I am going to Paris for 3 days. From there I am going to Romania (Cluj- in Transylvania) to spend Easter with my 88 old Mom and my sister.
I haven't had a real vacation in years and I hope I will enjoy this one. Paris is my dream city and it's been about 15 years since I last visited it.

Also I am happy to go back to the city where I studied, in Romania. It is a beautiful city with a medieval "aroma", with an old and prestigious University

and a gorgeous Opera House:

(photo credit: jeevanbalani and leggab , Flickr)

* * *

The Romanian Orthodox Cathedral in Cluj. Photo credit:
jeevanbalani (Flickr)

Last but not least I will spend an entire week with my Mom, this will make us both very happy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

March Newsletter

Greetings from Enchanted Beads!

The present Newsletter will be a short one, since I am busy getting ready for my vacation (March 25-April 6). I am going to Paris for 3 days and then to Romania in order to spend Easter with my mother. My two Etsy Shops will stay open and all orders
placed at that time will be processed on April 7 and 8 in the order they were received.

Today I would like to show you my new line of bridal jewelry. I made these pieces with the upcoming wedding season in mind and I hope a few others will follow.

The "Snow White is Getting Married" Necklace


is participating in the ongoing Etsy Beadweavers Challenge, it is #7. You can visit the EBW Blog if you would like to vote for your favorite:


Here are the matching earrings:


I also made a ring but the Swarovski Rivoli stone is a little different.


There is also a brooch I would like to show you, a possible piece for bride's maids.

From my Enchanted Bitz Shop I would like to show you this necklace:


Thank you for taking the time to read my NEWS. I appreciate your support!
Wishing you a Happy Easter/ Happy Passover/ HAPPY SPRING!

Ileana/Enchanted Beads




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Monday, March 08, 2010

Blog Award

A blog award for Enchanted Beads

I was recently honored with a Sunshine Blog Award, from Mortira,

The Sunshine Blog Award is given out to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world. The rules for accepting the award are:

The Sunshine Blog Award

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers.
3. Link to the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

I am honored to be listed as a favorite Blog!

I am nominating some of my favorite, who are working hard to create interesting and enjoyable articles in their Blogs:
(in alphabetical order)


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Magical Journey

Magical Journey ll.

Remember my first Magical Journey Necklace? You can still view it at 1000Markets. But if you click the picture you will get a little Note next to it, Sold Out.

Well, at a special request I made a second Necklace. The colors may vary a little, since I did not have the exact same beads and maybe my inspiration was a little different. Usually my work is one of a kind and I don't duplicate. But this was an exception.


This enchanting necklace is made from pieces of an old Asian vase broken by accident. I saved the pieces and after a while I tried to carve them in a way that would still show the beautiful hand painted colors. I imagined a magical journey in time and space in ancient Asia.

Every piece (40 mm x 30 mm; 35 mm x 22 mm; 30 mm x 22 mm) was carefully sanded in order to smooth the edges and then the beading process started. I used modified peyote and bead lace to form a beautiful golden bezel around each piece. The size 15 seed beads are from Japanese Miyuki. I completed the necklace with genuine off white large pearls, connected with green jade leaves and beads and glass dark gold beads. A pretty filigree gold filled clasp finishes the 19" necklace. The necklace can be also worn asymmetrically.

It a conversation piece . You can wear it on an evening out, it will get many compliments. It is perfect for giving as a gift.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

February Newsletter

January went by so fast, despite the cold days . The windy weather kept me mostly inside, therefor I had more time to spend with my new designs, getting ready for Valentine's Day. In January I was featured in a Blog and I am so pleased, I want to share it with you:


VALENTINE'S DAY has a lot of charm for all ages. It is an "official" day to express our love not only for our soul mate, but also for our parents, grand parents, siblings, children, grand children...We don't have to be IN LOVE in order to spread love around us, our friends, our family should be included...

I am having the best of time designing and beading "valentines". Here are some examples of pieces you can find in my Etsy Shops:

1. Hand-beaded earrings (approx. 15 mm), around a Swarowski rhinestone, They are finished with brass flower petals. On gold plated leverbacks.

2. Fun little heart brooch (1.2" x 1.2"). Faceted German glass cabochon, layered on a red vintage button. Beadwoven with size 15 Japanese Miyuki seed beads.


3. Carnelian heart layered with a Swarovski rondelle, topped with a faux pearl. Gold plated foxtail chain

4. Bright red rhinestone heart, adjustable filigree ring, can be worn comfortably from size 7 to 9.


5. Natural Domé mother of pearl, carved in a heart shape, embellished with several small genuine pearls and with a beaded flower.

6. Unusual and pretty pendant, featuring a antique bronze leaf, vintage mother of pearl heart, beadwoven flower, amethyst cabochon. It comes with a 20" closed link brass chain.


There is a special SECTION for VALENTINE'S DAY in each of my Shops:

February is also the month for amethyst. You can find a few pieces with amethyst stones or purple color in my Shops:

or you can simply type February Birthstone in my Shop Search at the Top of the page

* * *

I would also like to let you know a little about the Etsy Beadweavers February Challenge. Challenges are very important for EBW and this time we had two months instead of one to finish our project. As I already announced it in my January Newsletter, I finished my entry early.


You should see the other entries, they are beautiful! You will be able to see them and even vote for your favorite, between February 9-15, in the EBW Blog:


* * *

My Newsletter readers will get 10% off any item in my shops, just write NEWSLETTER DISCOUNT in the Note to Seller at check out. Or email me for a revised Invoice. More discounts will apply if you buy more than one item, just let me know.

Wishing you a great February and a Happy Valentine's Day!

Ileana /Enchanted Beads



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Monday, January 25, 2010

Jewels of Love - A collaborative of Artists for Valentine's Day

I have been featured!

Multiple artists have collaborated to create a vignette of designs devoted to the day of Love! Each artist has a place card with website, name, city, state or country. Please feel free to visit these websites for the profiles of these artists and more!
The Jewelry connection presented these artists for a jewelry show in the broadcast room on January 24th

The Video was made by Mona Hair, host of
"The-Jewelry-Connection"live Show
Channel: The-Jewelry-Connection on LiveVideo.com

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January Newsletter

Happy New Year from Enchanted Beads!

I hope you had a good Holiday Season and 2010 found you happy and in good health.

I had a busy month, December was great, business standpoint. It was a good year as well. Many of you shopped with me, thank you for making 2009 the best sales year for Enchanted Beads.

I spent some time designing and beading as well and I came up with a few new pieces.

This is "Winter Olympics" Brooch. It is participating in the Beadweavers Emporium Challenge at 1000Markets. It is our first challenge of 2010 and we really have some beautiful entries. If you would like to vote for your favorite the poll is only one click away:

You can read the description of this brooch here:
* * * * *
The second Brooch I finished is "Sea World - Mother of Pearl Brooch with Pearls, Fish and Starfish":


It is going to participate in the Etsy Beadweavers February Challenge, information will follow in the next Newsletter.

January is the garnet gemstones month. Here are some pieces from my shop, finished with genuine garnet beads:



and a garnet color bracelet:


The month of February is the month for amethyst. I managed to finish a new amethyst necklace:


More to come in my February Newsletter. You will also get some Valentine's Day news. Until then you can browse my shops for the early Valentine's pieces:


My Newsletter readers will get 10% off any item in my shops, just write "NEWSLETTER DISCOUNT" in the Note to Seller at checkout. You will be reimbursed through Paypal.

Wishing you everything wonderful-

Ileana /Enchanted Beads

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

BEM Challenge - Winter Splendor

From the BEM Blog:

Winter Splendor is our first challenge of 2010 and we really have some beautiful entries. When Roxan chose this challenge theme this is what she had to say.

"How about WINTER SPLENDOR? While I don’t like the cold, I love the sight of snow and the beauty of its array of color in a blanket of white. To see the many different hues of color that happens as the sun reflects off a new fallen snow has always inspired me and I hope it inspires you to make something wonderful."

Please take a look through these beautiful entries and place a vote for your favorite between January 9th and 15th.


The Beadweaving Emporium would like to thank the following participants. We know it's a busy time of year, and yet you still found the time to give us another gorgeous piece of your work.

Our pieces and participants are as follows:

1. Snowflake Winter Wonderland - by Tania of Slave to Beads
2. White Splendor Piece - by Dini of Beadazzled Of Oregon
3. Winter Olympic Brooch - by Ileana of Enchanted Beads
4. Lavender Lace Bracelet - by Nan of Nansglam

Happy voting!!