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Friday, March 20, 2009

Improving my Presence and Success at Etsy

I was surprised and honored to see that Chad Dickerson bookmarked my August 1/2008 entry, Improving my presence and success at Etsy


Here is my entry:

I opened my Shop at Etsy in 2007 with only a couple of items, and, because I had other venues to sell my jewelry (Shows, Galleries) I forgot about Etsy for a while. I started to be active only in February 2008, when I decided to give it a new try and I started listing more pieces in my shop, taking care of my Appearance, Shop policies, etc. I immediately had a sale , a Heart Brooch, right before Valentine’s Day. Shortly after I discovered Etsy Beadweavers Team ad I signed up for membership, because I knew how important is for an artist to belong to a group, to a community. I participated in the March Challenge, Stormy Weather, and I was happy to see that EBW Blog visitors would vote for my Brooches. I even sold an other Heart Brooch, The Purple Eye of a Summer Storm - Amethyst Brooch


as a result of the Challenge.

Needless to say, at the beginning I was kind of lost at Etsy. I had to figure out a lot of things, how to improve my pictures, how to make a Treasury. I did my homework every day, looking at statistics (how many people are visiting my Shop, hearting my shop or my pieces, etc.), visiting my fellow EBW members shops and blogs, in order to know them better, commenting, in a word, being active in any way I could. Usually I don’t talk a lot, but I tried my best to be in touch. I made many friends in the group.

Having an Etsy Shop and being constantly successful requires hard work. I will try to list here a few things that I learned at Etsy and in the EBW group. I am trying to implement them in my every day activity.

- get good pictures, not to dark, pictures that would catch the buyer’s attention in the few seconds of her/his visit. The first picture “should be the one in which the item takes up much of the available space”. The work is much more “effectively shown” in close up pictures, so show them first!

- have a detailed description of your piece.

- list/re-list every day, so people can see your presence

- try to write in your blog at least once a week

- comment as often as you can in the EBW Blog and other members blogs

- check often the Forum for News concerning Treasuries, Blogs, New Listing and other events

- learn how to do treasuries. Until you get to do that, comment in as many Treasuries as you can.

And the list doesn’t end here…


Dini said...

Your entire blog is really wonderful to read and look at! Great, Great job. I read it all the 3way tot he end; liked your blogs on "Improving Presence..."

Good job!

s hyler said...

I will have to try everything you talked about in your blog. I have just moved, so I haven't made many things to put up on Etsy, since then. I usually put up new stuff every week, I need to get back to that. Thanks for all the useful information.