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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Art Festival, Timisoara, Romania, October 22, 2016

Before the summer of 2016  I decided to participate in the Jewelry competition, in Timisoara, Romania. The competition is organized by Marisha Zaporojan (the event planner) and Ana Zaporojan, (bead jewelry artist and coordinator), two enthusiasts of handmade jewelry. The International event is in its fourth year. It gathers both well known jewelry designers as well as younger artists from all over the world.

I gathered my 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 BOTB necklaces and I sent them via USPS to Romania.

Battle of the BeadSmith is a annual International Competition "a celebration of Bead Artistry around the World" which became a Facebook sensation, due both to the leader, Steven Weiss who organized and coordinated BOTB and to the very talented bead artists who had the opportunity and the courage to compete. I participated every year in this competition starting with 2012.

Visit BOTB:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/909085782545395/

                                                              CONSTELATIONS - 2013




                                                            UNTAMED DREAMS - 2015

                                                       MERMAID FAIRY TALES - 2016

Many thanks to the artist Photographer Adela Rusu, from Oradea, Romania for the beautiful pictures and Photo/Concept. Thank you Model Roxana Grigoraş, Make-up artist Antonia Lestyán, Hair stylist Sanda Ianosdan and Fashion Designer Iulia Filip Schreier



                                                           UNTAMED DREAMS -2015



                                                                 BRIDAL NECKLACE

                                     Catwalk on the Red carpet: Models wearing my necklaces


                                                             End of Show Festivity

I was thrilled to find out I was placed SECOND in the competition! I received a 100 RO Voucher from http://www.corilo.ro/

Irina Sasaki from Japan was placed FIRST. Congratulations, Irina! She won a seven day Vacation at Straja- Platoul Soarelui, Romania www.platoulsoarelui.ro

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