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Monday, May 13, 2013

Battle of the Beadsmith BOTB 13

For those of you who don't know yet about BOTB here are a few details.

The Battle of the Beadsmith is "a celebration of Bead Artistry around the World". It is also called a “contest where you win nothing", but it is not true. You gain a lot of experience in the process, you challenge yourself to create something different. The participants have eight weeks to complete an original work of art, take the best photos possible, and send them to the Battle Headquarters. Each piece is "randomly paired with the work of another artist in one of three '64 member Battle Groups'. Works are judged by a combination of competing artists, invited judges, and the general public, to determine which artists will move on to the next 'battle', where the judging process begins again".

2012 marked the first season of the Battle, which became a Facebook sensation, due both to the leader, Steven Weiss, (owner of The Beadsmith, wholesale supplier of beads and products to 4,000 independent bead shops worldwide) and to the very talented bead artists who had the opportunity and the courage to compete.

I had the honor to be invited last year as well. I did not participate, being overwhelmed by other artistic efforts, as well as a health scare concerning my left eye. I underwent a successful treatment since, and this year I was happy to accept the overdue invitation. Needless to say, I needed a lot of courage, after observing all the fantastic pieces involved in the last year battle. Here is Alla Maslennikova, the crowned queen of the 2012 Battle. She is wearing her wonderfully unique necklace (collage credit: Steven Weiss).

2013 will gather 192 Artists from 40 Countries. I am one of them! 

I had to get out of my box and create a piece with the hope that it would pass at least the first round.

I am not allowed to show it yet, but I can tell you its name: "Constellation". My inspiration came from the very idea that this fantastic competition will feature this incredible array of passionate STARS from all over the world.
I finished my piece today and I can let you know that I am pleased with the result. It was a challenge with myself. I cannot wait until June 1 to see the other pieces! It will be a summer of thrills, a lot of great fun!

Thank you, Steven, for the opportunity! Thank you to all the participants!

(My two brooches featured in "500 Beaded Jewelry" by Ray Remachandra, published by Lark Books in August 2012).


Aldenn Kiro said...

Good idea to create a world Group ( as I have understand...) Is is just for your technique area?It is just for States? many questions...
I hardly expect seeing your newest piece of jewelry! I know it is stunning, as usual! Good luck!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

I can't wait to see what you have done Ileana! I am very close as well and might even be finished... just letting it sit on my beading bench for a few days. What a wonderful event this is!

Terri Richards said...

Great Post, my battle buddy! Can't wait to see your creation on June 1st. I am in the final stages of my piece and are hoping to have it completed this weekend. Best of Luck! Terri

Cleo Patra said...

I'm sure your battle piece it's a beauty! Good luck!